[Keqiao every day fashion opens the way the fabric product innovation advanced]
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In order to help enterprises scientific application fashion trends, accurate grasp market demand, broaden and improve innovative paths, enhance improvement of creative levels, recently, Keqiao Tiantian Fashion Exchange Activity "Fabric Enterprise Product Innovation and Development Practical Battle" in Entrepreneurial Building China Women's Wear Trend Trend Research The hospital opened.

Zhejiang Songjing Textile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Langmeni Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Mi Shun Textile Co., Ltd. and other 42 Keqiao fabric enterprises and Shanghai three guns, three-six-day, Vosgen textile, Baruri and other brands management, design More than 50 developments and salesperson participated in the event, jointly opening the way of fabric product innovation advanced.


Grasp product development direction

Peng Lihua, senior Trend of China Textile Information Center, Pe Peng Lihua put forward the current lifestyle and consumer market in the sharing of "2022/23 autumn and winter China Textile Fabric Fabrics", Seasonal Concepts and Lifestyle ", which presents seven keywords in the current lifestyle and consumer market. Perceived, happy expression, new home life, city escape, virtual time, pleasure experience, Saigo aesthetics, and combined with representative brand clothing cases to interpret the style and attitude of its display.

Wang Xu, the design director of the Chinese Textile Information Center Popular Trend Department, in the "2022/23 autumn and winter Chinese textile fabric", shared the core concept of "I" and "Know", from spirit and substances, Departure with the two sets of coordinates, parsing the key connotation of the four trend themes, and systematically combining the color matching and fabric material, process and style selection of the design directions.

"Different color phases bring us different feelings." China's application color system Coloro Color Experts, the consultant subsidiary shared in the "Color Planning Training Camp" speech sharing through the application of Coloro color data analysis tools, from color phase, brightness, Three dimensional quantities of color and scientific refine management, realize the supply chain end, management, and design end efficient and accurate communication.

Actual training

That is, use fast absorption

In a one-day training course, experts also brought targeted practical training for enterprises based on the survey of enterprises and needs. The business representatives from the downstream of the industrial chain form a practical group, actively participate in discussions and exercises, and sharing new thinking in the development direction of fabrics products and the new experience in color expression, color matching.

In 2022/23 autumn and winter textile fabric products development practical training, each group was carried out under the guidance of Wang Xu and Peng Lihua, combined with epidemic trends. Xu Jingbin, the head of China Textile City International Fabric Purchasing Center, "Shengzhan Textile", told reporters that he came to participate in actual combat classes, "mainly learned the knowledge of fabric trends, sustainable, etc. There is a lot of help, and these new ideas will be integrated in the later period, let everyone see more fashionable, more trend of products. "

Many clothing brand companies also said that the targeted practical training in Workshop's form is very effective, and upstream and downstream enterprises are in which they are in depth, mutual excitation, enhance, jointly planning, making product innovation programs in matching brand Sex, optimized technical processes, conversion design ideas, improve fabric quality, etc., more value and landing.

From theory to the actual exercise, from the case to actual combat, the students quickly absorb the popular trend applications, product structure card, fabric analysis, color design logic, color planning thinking, etc. very practical. The relevant person in charge of the Chinese Women's Pack Fabric Trend Research Institute said that this series of product planning training will continue to be continuously organized later.

At the scene, the participants combined with the popular trend to perform product planning practices.

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