[Looking forward to foreign trade trend, foreign trade development faces opportunities and challenges]
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The Minister of Commerce, Ren Hongbin, said in the recently held state policy routine, showing the full-year foreign trade trend, opportunities greater than challenges. We have confidence that through the solid work of the national foreign trade system, realize the goal of the whole year stabilization.

Ren Hongbin introduced that this year, the Ministry of Commerce will focus on the implementation of the local trade policies, solid promotion, the three major plans, trade industrial integration, trade universities, promote foreign trade innovation, and foreign trade achieved faster growth. It mainly presents five major characteristics:

First, the import and export scale has a new high in the same period. In January-May, the import, import and export, exports, and imports increased by 28.2%, 30.1% and 25.9% respectively, all of which were the highest level in the same period in ten years, an increase of 21.6%, 23.6% and 19.2% from 2019.

Second, the structure is constantly optimized. The proportion of China and the West, private enterprises, electromechanical products and general trade exports increased by 1.4, 3.7, 0.8 and 2.1 percentage points respectively.

The third is to promote innovation and development. The new model of foreign trade in cross-border e-commerce is booming. The Ministry of Commerce has newly recognized 105 national foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases, with a total of 578. Everyone knows that the foreign trade transformation and upgrading base is also an important platform for the trade and industrial integration of the Ministry of Commerce with relevant departments.

The fourth is to support the national economy stability recovery. Cargo trade has more than 20% contribution to economic growth.

The fifth is to promote the world economy and trade recovery. According to the statistics of the WTO, in the first quarter, my country's imported international market share is 11.8%, which is 1.4 percentage points year-on-year, which is also the highest level of import share. Since March, the growth rate of monthly imports continued to be higher than exports, and domestic demand for global trade is more powerful.

Ren Hongbin pointed out that foreign trade has achieved great achievements, mainly in my country's unified epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and the national a series of stable foreign trade policies have continued to effectively, this is all localities, departments and foreign trade enterprises. The result of hard work. Compared with past, there were four phased factors this year, and the pulling effect of foreign trade development was stronger. First, there are about 18 percentage points for the "home economy" products, orders reflux, etc. Second, there is a rise in commodity prices and 6 percentage points above the high imports. The third is that "the New Year" is highly import and export growth rate of about 4 percentage points. Fourth, last year's low-base factors, pulling high import and export growth rate of 6.6%.

Looking forward to the full-year foreign trade trend, Ren Hongbin said that foreign trade development faces opportunities and challenges, but we believe that opportunities are greater than challenges. At present, the number of new crown pneumonia in the world has dropped to more than 4.0 million, and the recovery of world economic and trade is accelerating. In June, the World Bank predicts that this year's global economy has increased by 5.6%, higher than the previous forecast value of 1.6 percentage points. The recent questionnaire survey in the Ministry of Commerce shows that about 40% of foreign trade companies have increased year-on-year growth, and there are significant signs of improvement, and the company is competitive. We have confidence that through the solid work of the national foreign trade system, realize the goal of the whole year stabilization. At the same time, we must also see that my country's foreign trade development situations are still complicated. From the international point of view, the global epidemic situation is still serious, and there is uncertainty in economic recovery. The risk of industrial chain supply chain has increased, and the political tendency of trade issues exacerbates.

From the domestic view, my country's foreign trade enterprises faced four major outstanding difficulties. First, the international shipping efficiency is low, the price is high; the second is that the RMB exchange rate fluctuations are increased, and the enterprise has "there is a single thing dare to pick up, export and unproductive"; The price of raw materials has risen and improves the cost of enterprise. For example, the average price of iron ore and copper gold mine rose by 75% and 45%, respectively; the fourth is that some areas are difficult, and they are expensive.

Next, we will closely follow the changes in the situation at home and abroad, and the highlighted difficulties faced by foreign trade enterprises, and research policies. Mainly the following aspects: First, strengthen international economic and trade cooperation, constructive participation in global economic governance, promote many regional rules, and build a high-standard self-employed network, carefully prepare for the 4th China International Import Exhibition, let Global companies share China's development opportunities. Second, high-quality promotion "all the way" construction, steadily expand the Silk Road E-commerce Partner, and do a good job in the 130th Canton Fair, and promote market diversification. The third is to accelerate the development of new foreign trade, cultivate new kinetic energy. The fourth is to develop high quality, innovative foreign trade industries, promote trade and industrial integration.

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