[Common sense of polyester: how do polyester fiber manufacturers use masterbatch correctly?]
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1. There is a moisture problem in the masterbatch

Moisture is a very important indicator for polyester spinning. Polyester fiber manufacturers should carefully re-measure the moisture content of the masterbatch before spinning. You should know that the manufacturer of the masterbatch just made the masterbatch. , The product does not contain moisture inside, because the production temperature of the masterbatch is higher than 100℃. However, after a period of storage, the PET masterbatch is easy to absorb water, so it needs to be dried before use. Due to the presence of water, if the water is not evaporated, it will cause decomposition of PET, thus affecting product quality. Although, many domestic and foreign masterbatch manufacturers have already vacuum-sealed PET masterbatch, so there is no need for drying. However, once it has been unsealed and stored for a period of time, it must be dried before use. Some polyester yarn companies are troublesome and ignore this small link. As a result, it will cause quality problems that should not occur, and attention should be paid.

Second, the problem of correct selection of dyes

As we all know, because transparent dyes are mostly composed of the original dyes of disperse dyes, they have a certain degree of solubility to polyester, which avoids the dispersion process required by pigments, and their compatibility with polyester is also very good. It can be used for spinning of polyester fiber dope. However, due to the high spinning temperature of polyester, high-grade oil-soluble dyes with heat resistance higher than 300°C should be selected. In addition, because the spun products are used in fabrics, the light fastness and wet fastness of oil-soluble dyes are required to meet certain requirements.

The following varieties can be used for polyester fiber dope spinning: yellow GG (solvent yellow 133), red G (solvent red 212), EG red (solvent red 135), red BB (solvent red 195), blue 2RA (solvent blue 122) ), Blue 2RA (Solvent Blue 67), Violet BA (Disperse Violet 57), Violet G (Solvent Violet 49), Bordeaux RA (Solvent Violet 45), Green G (Solvent Green 28), Brown R (Solvent Brown 53). In addition to the above varieties, there are Polysynthren series dyes which are also suitable for spinning polyester fibers and fine denier yarns. These pure dyes contain no fillers. Polysynthren Yellow GG, Polysynthren Red GFP, Polysynthren Red FBL, Polysynthren Purple G. Therefore, many domestic polyester filament companies should choose high-quality and trustworthy masterbatch for use, especially the products of masterbatch manufacturers that meet the ISO9000 standard, so that polyester filament companies will not be affected by the excipients. This has caused serious "color difference" in the product, and downstream weaving companies will no longer weave cloth with "color difference".

Third, to meet the requirements of the replacement cycle of the spinning spinneret

Since polyester fiber dope spinning is used for fine denier fibers, it also needs to meet the requirement of spinning spinneret replacement cycle. Therefore, the advanced oil-soluble dyes used for polyester fiber dope spinning are chemically purified, and their ash content must meet the standard . The reason why polyester fiber companies are required to use masterbatch is to test and test the masterbatch to see if the various indicators of the masterbatch meet the standards. For example, check the DF value (or △P curve), so that the comprehensive actual filtration performance of the masterbatch can be measured. The value can predict the replacement cycle of the spinning assembly of the polyester yarn manufacturer, which is very useful for the future production of high-quality tows. Good. Because, after all, the phenomenon that the quality of the products produced by the spinning post caused by the untimely replacement of the components is not good exists and cannot be ignored.

Fourth, the scientific use of masterbatch

For polyester fiber users who use masterbatch, they should know whether the masterbatch they use meets its quality standards. Because the main function of polyester masterbatch is coloring, its color and various fastness must meet the requirements of polyester fiber users, and its quality must also meet the requirements of polyester spinning and post-processing technology, that is, it is not affected by the masterbatch. The addition of it affects the spinnability of polyester and the physical and mechanical properties of colored fibers. Therefore, polyester fiber manufacturers must use color masterbatches with uniform particles, no dust, no fragments, and no super-long particles; the bulk density is required to be stable and accurate, and the particle size should be as consistent as possible with the spinning raw material chips, and dry color masterbatches, etc. Wait.

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