[The development and prospects of PET masterbatch!]
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Looking at the development of color masterbatches in my country from the global market, many color masterbatch experts have shown a positive attitude towards the development of European color masterbatches. The facts of PET masterbatch also show that the development of the masterbatch market is strong and beneficial. The demand for homes and automobiles in the United States has soared, which has driven the development of the real estate and automobile industries, thereby increasing the demand for color masterbatches. Various architectural coatings are showing signs of recovery.

Color masterbatches are mainly high-concentration colored dyes mixed with colorants, dispersants, surfactants and other preparations. Functional masterbatches must be blended with additives such as light stabilizers and antistatic agents. These functions Sexual masterbatch has been warmly welcomed by people. Among them, PET masterbatch has appeared in front of people with its high-strength flame-retardant function. Modern people’s awareness of fire protection is getting stronger and stronger. Favor, PET masterbatch is a brilliant, non-flammable color masterbatch made by mixing a certain amount of flame retardant on the basis of ordinary masterbatch.

The color masterbatch has many advantages, among which it can maintain the chemical stability and color stability of the pigment; it has good dispersibility in the plastic; it can guarantee the health of the construction personnel, the production process is simple and rapid, and environmentally friendly No pollution; reduce costs and save resources, mainly used in fiber, clothing, plastic coloring, etc.

Because the pigment is in direct contact with air during storage and use, phenomena such as moisture absorption, oxidation, and agglomeration will occur. Direct use will cause color spots on the surface of the plastic product, the hue will be dark, the color will easily fade, and cause it when mixed The dust is flying, affecting the health of operators. The color masterbatch is mechanically processed during the production process to refine the pigment, and the pigment is fully mixed with the resin carrier and dispersant. The color masterbatch isolates the pigment from air and moisture, thereby enhancing the weather resistance of the pigment. It improves the dispersibility and tinting strength of the pigment, and the hue is bright. Since the color masterbatch is similar to the resin particle shape, it is more convenient and accurate in measurement, and will not adhere to the container during mixing, thus saving the time of cleaning the container and the machine and the raw materials used for the cleaning machine. The flame-retardant effect of pET masterbatch is favored by people. This kind of masterbatch should be applied to a wider range of industries to benefit more people.

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