[What are the precautions for the operation of masterbatch in the injection molding machine?]
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The appearance and large-scale use of color masterbatch have made products of various colors appear in our lives. Its use is very simple. It only needs to be mixed and stirred with the resin particles according to the specified ratio. So what should be paid attention to when the product is operated in an injection molding machine?

1. The mixing cavity of an injection molding machine generally has multiple temperature zones. In order to make the color masterbatch melt quickly after entering the mixing cavity, the temperature near the blanking port should be slightly higher to facilitate the mixing of the plastic resin and the color masterbatch as soon as possible. This is conducive to better dispersion of the pigment in the product.

  2. Appropriately apply back pressure to the injection molding machine to slow down the injection speed, which can improve the mixing effect of the screw and facilitate the dispersion of the color masterbatch pigment.

  3. Increase the temperature of the die head of the injection molding machine appropriately to increase the brightness of the plastic products.

  In the process of using  color masterbatch, in addition to the quality of the product itself, our operation is also very important. If there is a problem during the operation, it may cause our finished product to fail. Therefore, keep the above operating points in mind during operation to avoid problems!

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