[How to determine the use ratio of color masterbatch?]
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The basis for determining the proportion of color masterbatch is to obtain a satisfactory coloring effect. As long as the surface tone of the product is uniform and there are no streaks and spots, it can be approved. The proportion of color masterbatch can be selected as follows:

1:100 Unless the mixing performance of the equipment is very good, uneven pigment dispersion is likely to occur. Generally, customers are not recommended to use this ratio.

1:50 is used for plastic products with general coloring requirements. PE and PP color masterbatches are used in this ratio

1:33-1:25 Used for PO products with high coloring requirements, and ABS products with low coloring requirements or general

1:20 Used for advanced plastic products, including PO, ABS, and can be widely used in injection molding, blow molding, spinning and other processes

1:20 or more Generally used for coloring of high-grade cosmetics containers, and mostly used for small injection molding machines

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