[Jiaxing: Nanhu District launches energy “double control” for three years]
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It can implement budgetary management, improve the use and trading system of energy use rights, and establish an emergency response mechanism for energy use. Recently, Nanhu District launched the three-year strategy of “double control” of energy, and will implement the three major systems. We will promote six key tasks, mobilize the efforts of the region to do a good job in energy conservation and consumption reduction, and ensure the realization of the "double control" goal of energy.

Energy “double control” is to control the total energy consumption and energy consumption intensity. It is understood that the target of energy “double control” during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period in Nanhu District is: the cumulative energy consumption per unit of GDP is reduced by 18.0%, and the average annual growth rate of total energy consumption is controlled within 2.0%. This year, the target of energy dual control in Nanhu District is that the energy consumption per unit of GDP will decrease by more than 3.6% year-on-year, and the target of energy consumption growth will be 1.61%.

According to the relevant staff of the District Economic and Trade Bureau, the current situation of energy saving and consumption reduction is very severe. In the first quarter, the energy consumption per unit of GDP in the whole district decreased by only 0.5% year-on-year, ranking fifth in the city. The energy consumption per unit “lighted up red light”, 1 to In June, the whole society's electricity consumption increased by 6.8% year-on-year, and the growth rate of urban and rural residents' electricity consumption and tertiary production electricity consumption was very large. From the energy consumption trend this year, the energy saving in the second half of the year and the “13th Five-Year Plan” The difficulty of consumption is constantly increasing.

In the face of severe energy-saving situation, Nanhu District decided to implement a three-year energy-stricken operation in 2018-2020, which will adopt a series of notifications, restrictions, interviews, accountability and “one-vote veto”, financial rewards and punishments, etc. Strong means and hard measures to ensure the completion of the energy "double control" target mission. By 2020, while the “single consumption” has dropped by 18% compared with 2015, the total local coal consumption in the region has achieved negative growth compared with 2017. In the three years, it has strived to vacate 320,000 tons of standard coal, and non-fossils in the whole district. Energy accounts for more than 10% of total energy consumption.

"Nanhu District will implement three major systems to effectively eliminate backward energy use." The relevant staff of the District Economic and Trade Bureau said that it will establish a system of energy budget management, improve the use and transaction system of energy use, and establish an emergency response system. The key tasks include eliminating backward energy use, implementing a number of green energy-saving projects, implementing energy “double-control” early warning notifications, and hiring a group of energy-saving technical experts, etc., hoping to complete the “13th Five-Year Plan” and this year’s energy through these measures. Double control "target task.

The Nanhu District will deepen the reform of the "Acre of Heroes on Mu", and will force the backward production capacity to withdraw, and resolutely eliminate equipment and production lines with high energy consumption, heavy pollution, backward process equipment and non-compliance with national industrial access standards. This year, we will focus on promoting towns, The elimination tasks of the self-reported 120,000 tons of standard coal in the streets and parks have freed up energy use space through “low-disorder” rectification and “disengagement into the collection”.

This year, Nanhu District will try to use the energy budget management system for key energy-using enterprises with an annual energy consumption of 5,000 tons of standard coal and above. By 2020, it will be extended to enterprises with an annual comprehensive energy consumption of 1,000 tons of standard coal and above, and will implement the budget. The situation is linked to relevant incentive measures. For enterprises that break the annual total energy consumption control, they will not participate in the direct electricity trading pilot and cancel the qualification for the next year's financial fund subsidy.

Energy “double control” is an important measure to promote the construction of ecological civilization to a new level. Nanhu District will actively implement the new development concept and firmly adhere to the ecological priority and green development path. Nanhu District will speed up energy-saving technological transformation, promote green recycling, promote clean production technologies, processes and equipment in textile printing and dyeing, chemical, chemical fiber, papermaking and other industries. Each year, more than 10 enterprises will be launched to carry out clean production audits. Three greens will be created this year. Factory and 1 green park.

The “double control” of energy requires the participation of the whole society. The government, enterprises and the public must form a synergy of energy conservation and consumption reduction. According to the relevant staff of the District Economic and Trade Bureau, the energy-saving renovation work in key areas such as transportation, construction, trade and commerce, agriculture and rural areas, and public institutions will be promoted simultaneously, and energy-saving actions and energy-saving activities will be carried out in depth, and enterprises will enter the market and enter the market. Family, community, rural areas and other "ten-in" activities, to create a large-scale pattern of energy-saving work in the field, and vigorously advocate green consumption patterns, so that energy conservation and consumption reduction become the conscious behavior of the public.

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