[National online media enters Ningxia Ecological Textile Park]
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On the afternoon of August 11, the 2017 national online media Ningxia Bank interview team came to the site of the Ningxia Eco-Textile Industry Demonstration Park SME Incubation Park project in Helan County, and visited the park.

The Ningxia Eco-Textile Industry Demonstration Park SMEs Incubation Park project started construction in 2016. As a supporting project of Ningxia Modern Textile Industrial Park Helan Park, Ningxia SME Incubation Park mainly provides production and office for small and medium-sized textile and garment processing enterprises entering the park. And the living supporting facilities, the new modern eco-friendly and intensive textile industrial base with color polyester fiber new material production as the main body, color spinning yarn-dyed, garment, home textile, decorative products and industrial textiles, and simultaneously become the enterprise The industrial community, the park, the scenic area, the multi-integrated circular economy system and the national-level eco-textile industry demonstration park.

Planted the phoenix tree and brought the phoenix. Through the gradual improvement of a series of supporting facilities, the park has now entered 10 enterprises of various types, among which Ningxia Nite Garment Technology Co., Ltd. has been in place and trained workers; Ningxia Yi Clothing Co., Ltd. has installed cutting machines and smart More than 300 sets of various types of equipment such as tailoring systems and smart hanging.

At present, Ningxia Garment SMEs Incubation Park has basically formed a garment production and processing chain, so that equipment maintenance technology and clothing board technology are shared, seams are sewn after seam sewing, sewing thread and other raw materials are stably supplied, and it is fully capable of undertaking various types. Clothing processing orders. In the next step, the SME Incubation Park will further improve the garment production support of the park and strive to introduce 10 to 20 garment processing enterprises during the year. It is understood that after the project is put into production, the annual output value will be 2 billion yuan, the tax revenue will be 40 million yuan, and 5,000 people will be employed.

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