[Chongqing Hanjiang District promotes sericulture accident insurance for the first time]
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The sericulture industry has always been the most important pillar industry in the Qianjiang District. Through years of development, the scale and intensification of the sericulture industry in the Qianjiang District have been greatly improved. Through the implementation of sericulture insurance, silkworm farmers also have protection for silkworms. For households with silkworm disease, different insurance companies will pay different compensation according to different ages and damage levels. However, since sericulture is a labor-intensive industry, there are more labors, and the high-risk roads in the Qianjiang District, the silkworm farmers and employees in the sericulture production have accidents. The silkworm farmers have weak anti-risk ability. If accidents occur, they will cause very much to the family and industry. Great impact.

In order to protect the interests of silkworm farmers and protect the sericulture industry, the Suijiang District Sericulture Company contacted Fude Life Life Insurance Company, Minjiang Branch, and the insurance company formulated the Sericulture Life Accident Insurance according to the actual situation of the silkworm farmers in the Qianjiang District. Insured with the village as a unit, the 18-60 year old silkworm farmer, the annual premium is 160 yuan, this insurance is only for accidental disability in the production of sericulture, the maximum amount of 200,000 yuan per payment, each time the highest reimbursable medical treatment 80% of the cost and 30 yuan / day hospitalization subsidy. This insurance was first piloted in Mohe Village, A Pengjiang Town. The willingness of silkworm farmers to participate in the insurance is strong. The farmers have said that this is a guarantee for themselves and their employees. Sun Zebo, deputy manager of the sericulture company, said that the district will actively promote this type of insurance and strive to spread to every silkworm farmer in each township. The promotion of this kind of insurance will help to boost the enthusiasm of the silkworm farmers and increase the insurance coverage in the production area. The benign development of the sericulture industry.

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