[What are the requirements for PET masterbatch for carrier polyester?]
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The so-called masterbatch is an aggregate obtained by uniformly superimposing a pigment (dye) on a resin. The most suitable carrier material for maintaining the excellent properties of the fiber should be the polyester itself first. However, polyester has a high melting point, low hygroscopicity, poor pigment dispersion and low adsorption capacity to the colorant. restricted. In addition to the sensitivity of the polyester to moisture, moisture in the PET masterbatch can cause degradation of the polymer and change the viscosity of the melt. Therefore, most PET masterbatches still use other polymers as carrier materials.

In order to prepare high-quality PET masterbatch, it has been taken to pulverize the polyester chip and increase its adsorption capacity to the dye by increasing its specific surface area. The polyester used as the masterbatch carrier is preferably a light slice without any additives. The lower the ash, the better, the less the gel particles, the better the degree of slicing and crushing should be selected according to the needs.

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