["Fuye Fifth National Top 10 Fashion Maker Competition" finals will open soon]
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From June 30th to July 1st, organized by the China Garment Association, the Jiangxi Fashion Institute hosted and co-organized by the garment industry associations (providers) of the provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country. “The Fifth National Top 10 Fashion Maker Competition "The finals will be held at Jiangxi Fashion Institute.

More than 100 finalists from across the country’s sixteen divisions will gather in Nanchang to open a mastermind match between artisans.

The National Top Ten Fashion Maker Competition is a professional competition organized by the China National Garment Association. It has held four consecutive contests from 2013 to 2016, and it has been upgraded to a national skill competition in 2017. The "national tournament" is held every two years. Once, the "national match" interval year continues to be held under the name of "National Top Ten Fashion Masters Contest." The competition is aimed at accelerating the cultivation of high-skilled personnel and further promoting research innovation and the building of skilled talent teams in the national apparel pattern making field.

Continuing the previous competition system, the 5th National Top 10 Garment Masters Contest in Fuyi District provided a stage for exhibitors to professionally engage in garment plate-making work for domestic apparel companies, design studios, and clothing colleges. This competition is divided into two stages: preliminary competition and finals. The preliminary competition will be organized by the garment industry associations (providers) of various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government to select the best players to participate in the finals.

After the preliminary selection, more than 100 finalists from the Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Guangdong, Chongqing, Guizhou and Xinjiang divisions entered the final. These finalists will receive on-the-spot evaluations including the preparation of process technology documents, garment CAD plate making, prototype production, three-dimensional cutting, and theoretical examination.

After the final competition, excellent contestants will also receive honors. The China Garment Association will award the top 10 players in the national finals with the title of “Top Ten Fashion Plate Makers”, award trophies and honorary certificates; the players ranked 11th to 30th will receive the “Outstanding Award” and certificates. There are three single awards: "Best CAD Design Award", "Best Manufacturing Process Award", "Best Three-Dimensional Model Award", awarded trophies and honorary certificates; and set up "Outstanding Organization Award" to encourage the organization of the competition. unit. Wonderful schedule, stay tuned!

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