[2018 Henan College Fashion Week held in Xinmi]
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Recently, it was sponsored by Henan Garment Industry Association, Henan Young Fashion Promotion Association, CPC Xinmi Municipal Committee, and Xinmi Municipal People's Government, and Yufa Group·Jin Rongyi Tianxia and Henan Fashion Design Association contracted “2018 China (Henan) The College Student Fashion Week and International Youth Fashion Culture Creative Week was held in "China Famous Brand Fashion City" Xinmin, Henan.

The garment industry, as the traditional advantage industry of Xinmi, is one of the 100 billion yuan-level leading industries that Zhengzhou City and Xinmi City strive to build. In recent years, in order to speed up the development of the apparel industry, Xinmi City has adopted a series of effective innovations to hold the “Creative China Fashion and Fashion Xinmi·2018 China (Henan) Undergraduate Fashion Week” activities to increase the visibility of Xinmi City. Influential in the national fashion industry, it is of great significance to speed up the introduction of garment design and R&D institutes at home and abroad, the headquarters of well-known brand companies, and the introduction of high-end talents in apparel design and research and development to promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

Jin Rongyi general manager Wang Jianxun said that Jin Rongyi will take the opportunity of hosting the China (Henan) Undergraduate Fashion Week and the International Youth Fashion Culture and Creative Week to create a fashion design as the core and clothing design as the lead, vigorously develop the original Design and product transaction, brand release, smart manufacturing, fashion experience and many other types of cross-border design, create a creative industrial park that leads the fashion industry in Henan, and is oriented towards internationalization, high-end, industrialization, and fashion.

It is reported that 2018 China (Henan) College Student Fashion Week and International Youth Fashion Creative Week, including the 2018 Asia-Europe Fashion Forum, international designer exchange show, "I can also be a master, I can also become a famous" face to face with domestic and foreign clothing teachers, Henan Garment School-Enterprise Cooperation Conference, Henan Province University Clothing Professional Excellent Graduation Exhibition, Henan Original Brand Release, 2018 International Youth Fashion Culture Creative Exhibition, Creative Market and other activities. This Fashion Week aims to demonstrate the teaching results of Henan University's apparel design, promote the innovation and entrepreneurship of college students and school-enterprise cooperation, and promote the development of Henan fashion industry.

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