[What are the indicators for measuring the quality of PET masterbatch?]
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PET masterbatch for polyester production has two methods: solvent method and soluble dye method. It consists of two parts: pigment and carrier. Due to problems such as pollution and process flow, most masterbatch manufacturers at home and abroad are using the soluble dye method to produce masterbatch. In the soluble dye method, the copolymer resin is generally a high-viscosity large light section, and the resin itself also functions as a dispersant in production.

PET polyester masterbatch indicator testing instructions:

The intrinsic viscosity index is determined by both the supplier and the buyer in the contract, but the PET carrier masterbatch is recommended to use the PET viscosity test standard for testing. According to GB/T14190-1993 intrinsic viscosity test method to test.

The color fastness index is recommended to use the proof sample provided by the masterbatch factory for testing, and the masterbatch itself is not easy to test. Using the color proof sample provided by the masterbatch factory to test the color fastness level of the sample can be known in advance. If the masterbatch is put into use, the fiber product is tested after it goes offline, and the data is judged to be lagging, which may cause quality disputes.

According to the requirements of the spinning requirements and the addition of the extrusion temperature to the masterbatch, the above melting point index requirements are proposed. According to the author's test experience DSC method to test the melting point in the data is about 5 °C lower than the average microscopy.

The total color difference is determined by using the color difference data of the proofing sample and the demanding standard sample provided by the masterbatch plant as the basis for testing the total color difference. And proofing sample and the standard sample comparison, it is recommended CMC color difference is not greater than 1.0.

The moisture content index is formulated according to GB/T14189-2008 "Fiber Grade Polyester Chip Standard".

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